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Chambers Bowhunts, located in Sabinal, Texas, is strictly dedicated to your bow hunting needs. Our ranch is managed year round and gun hunting is strictly prohibited. We offer bow hunters' the finest opportunities for success, with the most competitive rates in Texas.

Our ranch can accommodate up to eight hunters and licenses can be purchased locally in Hondo, TX.

Sabinal, Texas, is the "Wild Boar Capitol of the World" and is also home to the World Championship Wild Hog Catching Contest where people of all kinds enjoy catching wild hogs by hand. If you have not witnessed this event, you have to see it first hand. It happens every year around April 1st. Chambers Bowhunts is owned by Maurice Chambers. Maurice has devoted his whole life to bow hunting. His love of bow hunting has taken him from the mountains of Wyoming to South Texas where he currently resides.

Our Ranch Offers:

  • Axis Deer
  • Aoudad Sheep
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Turkey
  • Various species of Horned Sheep and Goats

  • Lodging facilities are included in all hunts and consist of two large sleeping areas, two full baths, BBQ pit and grill, heat, AC, Satellite TV and a fully-equipped kitchen. Non-hunting guests are welcome with a $25/day fee. Hunters need to bring their bow, food, bedding, towels and personal items. We also have a freezer and a lighted skinning rack. Please do not bring glass bottles unless you pack them out!

    We provide a variety of packages to try and give you the option to hunt what you want. There are NO TROPHY FEES on any of our hunts. 

    Hunting Packages
    Prices Subject to Change

    1 whitetail buck (7 points or better), 2 hogs & 1 turkey – $200 per day
    1 exotic (Axis or Aoudad), 2 hogs, and 1 ram – $1100 for 4-day hunt
  • Limit of two hogs – $125.00 per day
    1 Axis Doe & 1 hog – $150.00 per day
    One sheep or goat and two hogs. – $200.00 per day.
    1 exotic and 2 hogs – $275 per day
    1 axis doe, 2 hogs, and 1 turkey – $175 per day
    1 turkey and 1 hog – $150 per day
    1 ram and 2 hogs – $200 per day
  • ALL HUNTS ARE 2-DAY MINIMUM, except for the safari, which is a 4-day hunt

  • Non-resident hunters can purchase a 5-day license to hunt hogs and exotics, and a season license to hunt whitetail deer. See the Texas Parks & Wildlife Website or download their mobile app for current license prices and information. Licenses can be purchased locally in Hondo, TX.

    Booking Information
    A 50% non-refundable deposit, payable by cash, cashiers check, money order or personal check, is required to book your dates for a hunt. The deposit must be paid within 14 days of when you verbally book. The dates you will be hunting, the party the deposit is for, and the names and addresses of hunters should be included.


    Feel free to call for more information or to book:

    Ranch phone: (830) 363-4252
    Fax: (830) 363-4253

    P.O. Box 479
    Sabinal, TX 78881

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